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Taking care of yourself and othersTaking care of yourself and others

The COVID‑19 pandemic has caused significant disruption for both children and adults:

  • Major changes to routine (closure of schools, daycares and businesses, isolation at home, new public health instructions, etc.)
  • Uncertainty about when life will return to “normal”
  • Concern about your own health and the health of friends and family
  • Sense of isolation from friends and extended family

All of this contributes to feelings of anxiety and even distress in some people. Resources are provided here for parents and students of all ages to help them better understand the situation and reduce worry. Other tools are also suggested in the “Relaxing” section for students of each grade level.

Do you need to talk to someone?

Dial 811 to be connected to the Info-Social service or visit Qué for more information.

The pandemic explained to children

in under five minutes

We would also like to thank all of our partners,

who have made this initiative possible by providing

the education field with access to their resources.

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