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Resources for parents

The suggested educational activities on this platform are intended for all children and are aimed at encouraging their continued learning. However, it is possible that your child needs specific support to carry out these activities at home, as a result of learning difficulties or a disability.

This section provides different strategies to help parents support their children’s learning. It also offers different resources that may address your concerns.

You can also share your concerns with a school staff member.

Please note that some of these resources will redirect you or your child to an external private website. As a precaution, ensure that you read the terms of use or the privacy policy of the website in question.

If your child uses an assistive technology tool that was left at school, there are other options available.

This search tool allows you to quickly find the different resources indexed on the Open School platform.

Support your child

Taking care of yourself and others

Other resources for parents

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Please note that this content is constantly being updated and enhanced.