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This space is intended to support all teachers and school staff who are committed to helping Québec students. It provides a path than can be easily adapted to reflect individual realities.

This content will be regularly updated and enhanced. It complements the resources and educational activities suggested on the Open School website which can help reinforce learning, but does not replace the direct support of teachers. Due to the strong connections they have with students and their families, teachers play a key role.

Here are a few things to consider when adapting your teaching, especially when selecting digital tools and solutions for communicating, collaborating and teaching at a distance:

  • the individual situations of the people involved: students, parents, teachers, etc. (Example: balancing working from home with family life)
  • individual skill levels in using these solutions and tools
  • students’ level of autonomy or the availability of support
  • the solutions and communication tools available to the people involved
  • the availability of pedagogical content adapted to these solutions and tools.

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Please note that this content is constantly being updated and enhanced.